One of the complications of scars that result from burn injuries is the condition known as post-burn itch (pruritis). This intolerable itch can compromise quality of life, as well as wound healing. Often the newly formed epidermal layer is scratched off, which can result in a loss of grafted skin, sepsis and exacerbated scarring. Moisturizing agents in conjunction with drug therapy are often prescribed in the management of post-burn itch.

A study conducted at the burns unit of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in South Africa in 2006, determined that the inclusion of Bio‑Oil as a supplement in the management of burn injuries significantly helped to alleviate the dryness and excessive itchiness of pruritis. Not only is Bio-Oil proven to be an effective aid in scar management, it was noted as helpful in restoring the mother-child bond through the act of massaging the injury.