The skin is a dynamic organ with many biological functions. Internal factors such as hormone levels and immune system as well as external factors such as UV exposure all have an effect on the skin's condition. Many people suffer from various skin conditions such as dry skin, uneven skin tone and aging skin triggered by these factors. Bio-Oil is clinically proven to keep the skin moisturized while also helping to improve uneven skin tone as well as the skin's overall condition.


Dry skin is a condition caused by low moisture levels in the skin. It can be uncomfortable and unsightly creating fine lines and wrinkles. Bio-Oil's unique blend of vitamins and plant extracts provides lasting skin hydration and alleviates the symptoms of dry skin.


Uneven skin tone occurs due to an over production of melanin which results in hyperpigmentation. Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. It's unique formulation helps to inhibit melanin production and improve the texture of the skin.


As we age, internal and external factors cause our skin's renewal process to slow down leading to the development fine lines and wrinkles. Bio-Oil's unique formulation is clinically proven to have cell regenerative effects on the skin, promoting increased elasticity and improving the appearance of aging skin.


Acne is a skin disease characterized by areas of inflammation caused by blocked pores. Acne occurs when sebum (natural skin oil), which normally drains to the skin's surface, gets blocked and bacteria begin to grow around the blockage. Bio‑Oil has been independently tested and found to be a non-comedogenic product, which means that it can be used without concern about further breakouts.

Acne is, however, a complex condition that requires tailored treatment to correctly control and manage.


Skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and heat rash are often characterized by skin that is low in natural oils and prone to dehydration. This causes it to become tight, dry and scaly and can lead to cracking, itchiness and flaking. To compound the problem, everyday skincare products contain soap, harsh detergents and alcohol that further strip the skin of its natural oils and cause it to become unbalanced. In some cases Bio‑Oil can offer relief from the associated symptoms (dryness, redness, itchiness) of the skin condition, but it cannot offer a cure.

Bio‑Oil's formulation lubricates, soothes and conditions the affected area, providing relief from the tightness and itchiness, as well as improving the texture and appearance of the skin. Bio‑Oil also helps to prevent further moisture loss and protects the skin against irritants.